“Sine Cera’s experienced staff have provided me outstanding analyses of multiple complex acquisitions such as the accidental exposure to battlefield hazards by contractor personnel.  Sine Cera’s staff not only has the experience and depth of knowledge, they have that rare ability to see the customer’s big picture and rapidly form a strategy and execution plan.”

Former Senior Army

Procurement Official 


What we Do

Pronounced SEE-neh CARE-uh, this Latin phrase means "without wax."  Roman potters would sometimes coat their work with wax in order to hide flaws. Wise buyers would hold items up to the sun to reveal the cracks … and the vendor’s character. Only the best artisans could produce the smooth, iridescent works we still admire today, and they advertised their products as “sine cera” … without wax. Sine Cera became synonymous with honest presentation and visible quality.

Sine Cera Consulting was founded with this same dedication to honesty. Sine Cera will provide the acquisition expertise and counsel you need – honest, straightforward, and accurate. Every Sine Cera staff member commits to uphold our Code of Ethics, and we monitor every customer relationship to prevent conflicts of interest.

Government Services
Sine Cera is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business supporting all aspects of State, Federal, and Defense acquisition and procurement process.  We perform Non-Inherently Governmental and Closely Associated with Inherently Governmental support, from identification of a need through pre- and post-award procurement support to closeout and disposition, including:

     • Acquisition strategies and acquisition planning
     • Requirements development and generation
     • Work Breakdown Structures
     • Market research
     • Independent Cost Estimates
     • Performance-Based Acquisition
     • Quality Assurance and Quality Control programs
     • Planning, Programming, Budget, and Execution
     • Solicitations, sources sought, and request for information support
     • Source selection planning, documentation, and evaluation
     • Performance management and monitoring
     • Project and program management
     • Contract management support to contracting officer’s representatives
     • Contract administration support to contracting officers
     • Contact claims support
     • Contract closeout support

     • Procurement policy support
     • Tailored acquisition training

Commercial Services
Sine Cera supports commercial firms with their proposal processes, supporting RFQ/RFP analysis, Question and Answer formation, technical proposal development, compliance matrices, format and content reviews, color team reviews, etc., in order to help new or small businesses submit an effective and compelling proposal, or augment a large firm’s proposal team during surge periods. Additionally, Sine Cera can help prepare competitive offers for General Services Administration multiple award schedule contracts.

We can also provide a post-mortem analysis of a losing proposal, reviewing the proposal against the RFP/RFQ and winning offer, providing targeted proposal team training to correct deficiencies and leverage lessons learned.