About Sine Cera

US Depatment of Veterans Affairs and New York State Certified as a SDVOSB

Founded in 2014, Sine Cera Consulting has an established pool of financial management, acquisition, contracting, strategic communications, and information security experts available to support your needs. Examples include:

Compliance Reviews:  Sine Cera supports the Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics with reviews of its awarded contracts, orders, and modifications for compliance with the Federal Acquisition  Regulation and BLS policies and procedures.  We conduct error trend analysis and recommend and conduct refresher training on recurring errors.

Policy Support:  Sine Cera has assisted the State of Montana in creating a comprehensive acquisition guide from its wide assortment of policy memos and interim guidance. We're helping State of Hawaii in designing and implementing a state-wide past performance policy based on legislative guidance. Additionally, Sine Cera supported the drafting of a Federal Agency's Construction and Architect-Engineering Acquisition Manuals, updating its policies and procedures to be compliant with the Federal Acquisition Regulation.

DoD Acquisition Support:  Sine Cera currently assists an office within the Under Secretary of Defense, Acquisition and Sustainment, with its Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution functions, Acquisition Strategies, and Acquisition Plans for a $18 million (annually) program comprising multiple contracts. Sine Cera also helps prepare Performance Work Statements, Quality Control and Quality Assurance Surveillance Plans, Cost Estimates, and Work Breakdown Structures.

Market Research:  Sine Cera performed market research for a Defense Health Agency acquisition supporting a multi-billion dollar managed care procurement, researching commercial best practices and performance standards, identifying significant differences between commercial healthcare and military managed care support. 

Consulting Services:  When a US firm's commercial items status was challenged by the Defense Contract Management Agency, Sine Cera drafted the firm's appeal to its US Senator for assistance and to the Defense Department's, Director for Defense Pricing  for relief; the commercial items determination was decided in favor of the firm.

Congressional Testimony Preparation: Sine Cera staff have prepared several DoD officials for more than a dozen appearances before Congressional Committees and Commissions on some of the DoD’s most complex contracting issues including the accidental, wartime exposure of Servicemembers and Civilian Contractors to hazardous industrial chemicals in Iraq.